We are two South Africans who were born and raised in South Africa and are now living in Switzerland. This gives us a unique insight and passion for the wines of the Western Cape, and for the local people who work in the wine industry in the Cape.

We live and breathe South Africa, and our goal is to take you on a journey through the winelands of the Cape, and to introduce you to this fascinating country on the southern tip of Africa with its sweeping vistas, exotic wildlife and a fascinating culture – it’s hard to overstate the wonders of South Africa, and it’s time to experience them first hand. 

We do not just bring you the best wines South Africa has to offer but introduce you to a "Lifestyle" the South African way. 

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Trevor spent most of his summer holidays on the family wine farm in Wellington, Cape. He has a passion for wine and enjoys sampling wines from across the globe. His favourite wine varieties are Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon and King Cab / Shiraz.


Trevor established Western Cape Wines in 2001 and was one of the founder members of the Wine-of-the-Month Club in Cape Town and enjoys a strong bond with the founder of the Club, Colin Collard.


Trevor lives in the beautiful town of Küssnacht on the slopes of Mount Rigi.


Ian was born and raised in South Africa and spent most of his life working around the Stellenbosch region. Travelling around South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and living the outdoor life, 4x4 desert and bush trips combined with the Western Cape region wines makes the lifestyle experience complete. 


Co-owner of Western Cape Wines and runs the Wine cellar, shop and events at The Valley in Kemptthal.

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Over the last months we have built up a selective partnership to complement our wines and lifestyle experience and add to our Boutique wine selection and events.

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Belinda brings her flair, knowledge, enthusiasm and her selection of Ancient Greek wine varieties.



For a selection of South African Specialities this is the place to go. Boerewors, Biltong and Droewors. Also available at our Wine Cellar.


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Contact Gavin to help you arrange an unforgettable Golfing experience in South Africa followed by Wine tasting at our Boutique Wineries around the Western Cape. 


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Die MITERA GmbH widmet sich der nachhaltigen Olivenölproduktion. Dabei kommen innovativste Technologien bei der Ernte und Verarbeitung der Oliven zum Einsatz. Unsere Mission besteht darin, den Anbau, den Erhalt und den wirtschaftlichen Wert der Ursorten in ihren ursprünglichen Anbaugebieten nachhaltig zu schützen und zu sichern.

Mehr info https://en.mitera.ch

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Das Maggi-Areal im Kemptthal ist ein Standort mit einer langen und aussergewöhnlichen Industriegeschichte. Weiter lessen